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Data Recovery and Backup for Better Business Outcomes

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Today, businesses look for cutting-edge and cost-efficient data backup solutions at the time of a disaster, as legacy backup systems such as tape backup, and network and disk attached storage consume time to restore data and fails to backup data efficiently. Carbonite, a Boston-based data protection solutions and strategies provider, offers scalable and cost-effective solutions for today’s complex IT landscape. “Carbonite is uniquely positioned to offer customers the integrated and robust data protection solutions they need to protect their essential business data, especially at the endpoint. The combination of Carbonite’s product portfolio and Webroot security software creates unique opportunities to deliver enhanced value to all of our stakeholders,” says Steve Munford, Interim CEO and president of Carbonite.

Carbonite’s data protection solutions and product portfolio include backup for servers and data centers, protection of endpoints, and migration projects. The company’s data center backup solutions is focused on freeing IT teams from deploying several backup software and solutions. It is a single-vendor solution for complicated and siloed data center environments. Next, the company targets endpoint data, which is intrinsically vulnerable and open to several attacks as many employees access it through different devices—often from separate locations. Many organizations lack the all-inclusive solution to address this difficulty. Carbonite believes in cutting down the IT burden through custom end-user dashboards, APIs for deeper integration, automated health reporting, and single sign-on.

Another issue the company targets is the data loss that occurs during migration projects between clouds and physical or virtual platforms. To this end, Carbonite’s data and server migration tools ensure seamless migration of data, applications, or servers by eliminating the risk factors. Every organization depends on the massive amount of data, but many of them cannot differentiate critical data from others. Carbonite’s high availability solutions are designed for keeping critical applications and systems always online. For small businesses, the Carbonite Safe plays a vital role. It ensures the protection of files on servers and external devices. Carbonite Safe also provides a secure and user-friendly dashboard for monitoring purpose of the backup files.

Carbonite is uniquely positioned to offer customers the integrated and robust data protection solutions they need to protect their essential business data, especially at the endpoint

With such services, the company has redefined data recovery and backup in many organizations. In one instance, INLINE Commercial Construction—a construction company—was trying to get rid of tape backup and meet recovery time objective. Working in liaison with Carbonite, INLINE Commercial Construction witnessed a ten times reduction in the recovery time objective and were also able to save almost 25 percent of their annual expenditure as Carbonite Server does not demand significant IT resources for backup and management.

Since its inception, Carbonite focused on offering the best possible and affordable solutions for data protection and recovery, by keeping in mind four key aspects: power, simplicity, value, and security. From serving homes and small business, the company today has more 1.1 million satisfied clients up its sleeves. On a mission to continually improvise, the company acquired EVault, a subsidiary of Seagate Technology back in 2016. The acquisition helped in the expansion of Carbonite’s offerings by adding hybrid backup and disaster recovery services for larger businesses. Furthermore, Carbonite recently expanded into enterprise-grade solutions with the acquisition of Double-Take Software, adding its assortment of high availability and data migration services, and cementing Carbonite’s place as a one-stop-shop for data protection needs of every kind.

“Carbonite data protection solutions deliver strategic value to businesses of all sizes, and our award-winning customer support sets us apart from our competitors. We offer robust technology solutions for complicated problems, but we make sure our offerings are easy to use for individuals, small businesses and enterprises alike,” concludes Munford.