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Integrated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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The growing intricacies in business operations with technological advancement have only increased the unparalleled number of threats affecting all industry verticals. Risks of various degrees exist within the business infrastructure, including inclement weather, isolated incidents like power outages, natural disasters, and data breaches. These have elevated the need for every enterprise to have a well-thought-out plan for before, during, and after a disruptive incident. It is highly essential to ensure business continuity and the swift recovery of operations. It is further mandatory for companies to maintain the well-being of employees, adhere to customers’ needs, and continue serving the community as well. Agility Recovery steps in with its integrated business continuity offerings to help its clients plan, train, test, alert, and recover their businesses. “We persevere in helping businesses stay prepared in case of any incidents and efficiently recover from disasters,” states Jon Bahl, CEO of Agility Recovery.

The company, with its collective experience in the field, strives toward reducing business interruptions and help clients continue with their daily work, hassle-free. For this purpose, they provide several cost-effective services, foremost of which is their Disaster Recovery as a Service offering (DRaaS). This service is highly appropriate for companies due to the insurgence of data and an elevated need for a failover. The clients can recover their data and systems almost instantly by accessing the replicas created by Agility Recovery, either locally or in the cloud. The downtime for reviving the systems is reduced considerably. The backup solutions provided by the company helps safeguard data in servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones while providing security to mixed environments within enterprises including physical, virtualized data, and the operating systems. The data and assets are further protected by military-grade encryption to provide an extra layer of safety and quick recovery in case of any breach. The company also conducts several disaster recovery tests without charging its clients additional.

The other significant offering of Agility Recovery is the Preparis App, which is an all-inclusive cloud platform that comes in play for incident management, mass emergency notifications, and business continuity planning. It is also functional in alleviating risks, minimizing adverse effects on businesses, and ensures safety and awareness among the clients’ workforce.

We’ve evolved into the leading business continuity and disaster recovery end-to-end solution in the market. We make sure your organization is prepared, protected, and ready to respond

This app also allows online training to be prepared for disasters, expert guidance, document storage, and easy access to executive reporting through dashboards. By offering all these services in one consolidated platform, Agility Recovery provides a consequential reduction of time and effort while creating more time for clients to focus on bringing their business back on track. The app houses an interactive online knowledge center for training and certifying crisis teams to prepare them adequately to respond to emergency protocols. Preparis’ hi-tech document sharing capability assures safe, reliable document access, even during the unavailability of servers. The company also provides its expertise around maintaining communication and connectivity within organizations, protection of the office space, managing power as well as conducting continuous tests to continue providing robust and efficacious solutions to its clients.

With a vast footprint in industry verticals including banks, credit unions, public works departments, universities, medical facilities, automotive, and many more, Agility Recovery provides its clients with a safety net without the provision of additional infrastructure. Along with ensuring organizations are well-equipped with strategies to combat and recover from mishaps, the company also enables visibility and quick insight through easy access to critical documents from any device, with a comprehensive data service, which can be easily implemented and scaled by organizations of any size. “We’ve evolved into the leading business continuity and disaster recovery end-to-end solution in the market. We make sure your organization is prepared, protected, and ready to respond,” concludes Bahl.