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Advanced Backup Solutions(ABS):

Delivering Customized Business Continuity Solutions

Josh Dube, CEO, Advanced Backup Solutions(ABS)Josh Dube, CEO
It was a day full of predicaments for a prominent managed service provider (MSP). The company had lost a blade in their IBM BladeCenter which was running VMware vCenter, controlling their entire server farm. For what could have been disastrous for this MSP, Advanced Backup Solutions (ABS) came to their rescue, and saved the day. By leveraging ABS Continuity Appliance, the client was able to start the vCenter server appliance and continue operations as usual. “The customer wasn’t aware they’d lost a blade until we contacted them. Less than an hour from when we got the alert that the server was down, we spun up the machine running on that blade to the appliance. Nothing skipped a beat,” mentions Josh Dube, the CEO of ABS. Three weeks later, when the new hardware arrived, ABS restored the customer’s vCenter from the appliance to the new blade within an hour. Without ABS, the customer would’ve been down for three weeks, waiting for a server blade replacement from IBM. All of the VMware vCenter features and management capabilities would have been entirely disabled— essentially leaving all of the servers unmanaged. Such is the value that ABS delivers by ensuring that its customers are provided with complete protection of their valuable data and the ability to quickly recover them in the event of a system failure or other outage whether it be onsite or offsite in the ABS Cloud.

Through its data protection and disaster recovery solutions for Windows/ Linux servers and workstations, ABS has served numerous such clients over the years. Brandon Phipps, the founder of Second Star Technologies says, “Identical service with our other vendor could cost my customers 3 or 4 times as much, not counting maintenance and renewals. ABS keeps my customers rolling.” Alex Tarani, the president of IT4—another happy client of ABS— mentions, “ABS delivered a product that does what they say it does. We don’t even have to look at it.
We know it’s performing well and earning client confidence.” What does the company do so well? Dube answers, “It’s simple, actually. ABS lets you sleep soundly. No worries: everything is protected and available; how and when you need it.”

ABS provides a mechanism—via ABS Continuity Appliance—that hosts onsite virtualization or a recovered VM; both from local backups. The temporary machine stands in as a production machine until recovery can be accomplished. This allows users to continue working, and the work done in the interim is restored to the replacement VM or hardware, thus reducing total downtime—recovery and restore—to minutes in many cases. As Nelson Faustino, the IT Manager of PURVIS Systems Incorporated states, “Working with Advanced ABS has been a great experience for my organization. They have gone above and beyond my expectations. Since the beginning, ABS has been there every step of the way, from design to implementation to present day support. Their support response time and technical abilities have been top notch. I wish all my partners were this supportive. I consider ABS an extension of our IT Team and know I can rely on them to meet our disaster recovery objectives.”

ABS lets you sleep soundly. No worries: everything is protected and available; how and when you need it

What really steers ABS ahead of the competition is its stance on offering diversity and ability to provide customized solutions. With ABS owning its data centers, this provides a strategic advantage over other provides leasing space; the reason is it allows us to be more agile and control costs to deliver the utmost value to our customers. Additionally, the company has built a reputation for providing unparalleled service to its clients with technicians available 7x24x365. Building an upgraded more comprehensive web portal for its customers currently, ABS is executing its plans to expand into other industries such as law enforcement and hospitality. “We are expanding our data center to support low cost, secure long-term archiving solutions, especially for email, that meet today’s rigorous compliance standards,” adds Dube. ABS also looks forward to the release of its latest generation all flash ABS Continuity Appliances that will propel the company towards even greater success.